5 Top Differences between Old Manali and New Manali:


Manali is one of the most prominent tourist destinations that has earned its popularity in the entire globe.
The tourists travel to the place by taking the best cab services and enjoy their vacation.

  1. Fresh Air, Water and Spirituality
    Cross the River Beas, isolating Old and Main Manali, the cool wind and otherworldliness of Old Manali inundates you.The fresh air opens up your senses and the flowing River acts like a music to mind and soul. The water here is unadulterated pure because its coming directly from the glaciers.
  2. Clean and Beautiful
    Old Manali is way more clean and beautiful than New Manali. You can see stunning views from Old Manali which stay hidden from New Manali.
  3. Nature Trails
    There are a lot of nature trails in Old Manali and every one is one of a kind. Begin walking on any; you will be flabbergasted by the magnificence of nature. The spot makes you feel totally in the lap of nature and at some point incidentally you drift to find the covered up or mystery trails.
  4. Peaceful and Serene
    We come to mountains to get away from our city life, to get away from all the noises. You’ll find Old Manali peaceful and serene. You would not want to leave Old Manali if you stay here only for a day.
  5. Colorful Handicrafts and Stuffs
    Similarly as you enter the town, the Boho vibes begin encompassing you. The bright lined shops and the smiling owners on the winding streets invites you. They sell nearby crafted works, woolen stuff, crazy adornments, sling sacks, dream catchers, Tibetan Prayer Flags, a wide range of Chillums, Punk T-shirts and other particular stuff at very sensible value, which superbly fits the necessities of Backpackers.

That are few of the reasons for our biasness towards this old Quaint town. Nature in Manali is at its best. The feeling throughout the Manali leh cycling expedition is outstanding and one should do it once in a life for sure.

Tourism in the city is developing at a fast pace and offers its tourists a lot of reasonable price of stay and fooding.

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