Are you preparing for Winter Trek? Check out the Do’s and Don’ts of Winter Trekking.

Holidays are all about driving in the best excitement of the year. To add on if it is a Winter holiday then imperatively it turns to be a mystifying magical wallow! The cold winds, snow caped canopies, jeweled trees, and milky carpets are sure to fulfill your fairytale dream! A Winter holiday would be incomplete without a fantasizing winter trek. Winter treks are gorgeous and statuesque but, if unprepared beforehand they can be as haunting as a nightmare. And, if you happen to be a tenderfoot, imprinting your feet on to the densely packed snow terrains, a well-planned self-preparation is highly recommended. Learn and unlearn to feel like on cloud nine on your most awaited winter trek by checking out our precisely tailored Do’s and Don’ts of winter trekking.

Winter Treks in Himachal
Winter Treks


Be Aware of where and when you are trekking:

1. Be aware of your Trekking locations as they can vary a lot specifically in the winters due to the wavering snowfall. 

2. Get to know the trail conditions and be mindful of the recent critical happening on your decided trek route.

3. Get prepared with the safety measures beforehand.

4. Self analyzes your body conditions before taking an adverse winter trek.

5. Know your weather. Winters are not the same as other seasons. They are extreme with their temperature and you can never expect a spill of sympathy from it if went without proper fitness.

6.Understand the winter demands

7. Discover the best comfortable winter attires that would suit your destination.

8. Choose the proper trekking shoes steadily ready to get dunked in the snow. 

9. Pack your backpacks right, Keep it light. Carry only what you need.10. Even if the winter offers you with a biting cold temperature, your body still needs hydration. Make sure to carry a thermos flask for those warm sips. 

11. If you are under any medication carry the necessary supplements along. 

12. Maintain self-hygiene make sure to take a hand sanitizer to avoid frequent contact with the freezing water.

13.Gain Team Spirit and Stay with the team and develop a good bond with your trek lead and co-trekkers

14. Open up your difficulties to the trek lead. 


Trekking Equipments
  1. Don’t get your backpacks heavy, never load your backpacks with unnecessary stuff
  2. Don’t keep your face open, protect your face from the harsh temperature using a face mask.
  3. Never wash your face with extremely cold water.
  4. Never leave your toilet area as such. Try to cover the pit properly.
  5. Never waste resources. It is always advised to save a little for the last.
  6. Don’t drink cold water. Maintain your health. Be conscious of not letting the hydration pipe freeze. Keep it warm and safe.
  7. Never skip meals. You will need energy in abundance. Moreover, the heavier you eat, the warmer you become. Keep your stomach busy.
  8. Never eat unhealthy junk food while on a trek. Load your body with nutrient-rich food.
  9. Don’t invest in low-cost trekking materials. If you don’t wish to spend then better rent.
  10. Use trekking equipment with care. If used improperly they may invite unexpected injuries
  11. Take care of your belongings. Never lose them because winters have the capacity to keep them lost forever.
  12. Never avoid sleep. Sleepwell to re-energize your body.
  13. Never disobey your trek lead. Discomforts are to be informed and not to be hidden. Never feel inferior in seeking help.
  14. Never step out alone without prior information. Stay with the team, stay connected and  Stay Safe.

Be mindful of the above recommendation and plan your winter trek consciously and efficiently. We at Himalaya destination pamper our every client with their utmost need on the trek. Book us on and realize the true meaning of safety, reliability, and quality.

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