Everything You Need to Prepare for Trek

Trekking is a soft adventure sport that can be done by anyone with a reasonable physical condition. There are various types of trekking and that is classified based on the type of terrain on which the trek is carried on, The season in which the trek is performed and the type of difficulty the trek possesses. Based on these parameters the treks are named many. The different types of the trek are Summer Trek, Winter Trek, High Altitude Trek, Low Altitude Trek, easy-moderate and strenuous treks. Keeping these differences in mind one must choose their trek wisely.

How to Choose your Trek:

Self analyzes your fitness before choosing any trek. Know what your trekking location demands. If you are a beginner it is advised to go for an easy-moderate level treks. Choose your trekking season wisely. If you feel your fitness gets down in any specific season, Then it’s recommended to swap those seasons with the one that favors your health. Similarly, if you are the one who suffers from Altitude sickness or AMS it’s suggested to choose lower altitude treks for the start.

Get yourself fit:

Physical fitness and mental fitness are the most important to fine-tune and take care of before taking a trek. Exercise regularly if not at least a month before your trek time. Get your muscles stretched and your body flexible. This preparation is very much important if you are planning to perform a trek of high difficulty level. Maintain your diet check your BMI and lose weight if you have to. This would help to carry yourself comfortably on long high altitude treks. Undergo a complete fitness test and consult your doctor’s advice if you are prone to AMS or cardiac health issues. Being lenient at this level can put your life in danger while on trekking in extreme conditions.

Mental health is something that is equally as important as physical health. Make up your mind, fix your goals and persuade them with utmost confidence and determination. A healthy mind in a healthy body is the key to success in all endeavors. Develop the will to complete your task this personality will help when getting into activities that test our mental ability more than the physical one.

Be mindful of carrying the entire essentials for the trek:

Not carrying your trekking essential while on an adverse trek is like bungee jumping without a harness. It is a must to carry all the ultimate needs along, to experience wholesome trekking.

Must-haves on any trek:

Backpack, appropriate hiking clothes and footwear that would apt the season you take your trek, hiking poles, hot water bags, first aid kit, personal medical kit, personal hygiene kit, Tent torch, head torch, gadgets, thermos, hat, sunglasses, travel guide, map, and compass.

Thus getting handy with all the must-haves along with intelligent choices and maintaining good mental and physical fitness can help one accomplish any trek efficiently. Check out our wide range of trekking packages at www.himalayadestination.com and book the one for you! Go spellbound in experiencing the fusion of luxury and reliability in our services.

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