The Head Tripping Chadar Trek Checklist For An Ice Crowned Frozen Walk

Have you ever longed and wondered of how magical it would feel when in the shoes of the Frozen princess Elsa? Well, if you are one such person who would effort in breaking infinite barriers, just to live the dream life of your favorite imaginary character; then the Chadar trek would be your mystifying gorge to pound your feet this winter. The word Chadar means ‘Ice sheet’ it is named so as the blue ice crowns the entire valley at a stretch of 105kms. It is also known as the Zanskar gorge. This winter trail happens to be the only means of travel during the snow-blanketed months of the year in the Zanskar region of Ladakh. The road to Zanskar gets closed by heavy snow on the high passes, and that gained popularity to the Chadar trek among the trekking community worldwide for its wonderment, to hike on the glassy frozen river. The Zanskar gorge is best active in the winter as people get queued to take the Chadar trek. However it’s beauty isn’t dormant in the summer, the agile waters of the Zanskar river, sizzling in the golden sun, breaches an amazing waterway turning it to a tourist hub for rafting and water sports.

The Chadar trek offers its fullest in the month of January- February when the temperature drops to -30 to -35 degrees. The trails of the Chadar trek are walled by vertical cliffs up to 600 meter high and snow attired ledges get really narrow at places where the river shrinks to as small as 5 meters. Chadar trek is never the same each year; every page has a brand new story to express. The Chadar trek is rated as the most difficult trek in India due to the harsh temperatures that the region is got to exhibit to its guests and the skills that it demands to hike on the frozen Zanskar river. The Chadar trek would definitely turn into a blood-curdling nightmare if it went without proper preparation.

Here we have the complete checklist for the ice crowned frozen walk on the Chadar trails.

Backpacking Checklist

Backpack: Choose the one that would best suit your trekking period. Carry only what you need and not what you want

Head Torch: A head torch happens to be the must-have trekking essential. It can be best personified as the third eye of the hiker.

Tent Torch: On trekking the adverse terrains of the wild, electricity is something futuristic to expect. A tent torch would serve you the best at your rest period.

Hot Water Bags: A great friend for all those aching muscles and cramped legs. Never leave your friend behind.

Thermos: A Thermos would be your better half keeping you safe and secure as you gulp those warm sips.

Hiking poles: A pair of hiking poles are sure to be the best companion for your legs while trekking the icy floors.

Personal medical kit: Carry a perfect first aid kit that would treat all the expected discomforts while on a winter trek. If you are under certain medication make sure to carry them as well.

Gadget Essential: Be mindful to trap the best of your trekking moments and create a lifetime memory with your gadget pal.

Personal Hygiene kit: Pantyliners, breast petals, armpit liners, toilet rolls, wet wipes antifungal powder, travel towel, and your personal toiletries are a must to maintain personal hygiene while on a tiring trek.

Winter Clothing: Thermal inners, dry-fit T-shirt, dry-fit track pants, full sleeve T-shirt, thermal pants, fleece jacket, inner fleece pants, outer snow pants, down jacket, waterproof pants, balaclava, earplugs, gloves, polarized sunglasses, and undergarments are the must-haves. Keep yourself warm and comfortable while on the most difficult Chadar trek.

Winter Footwear: Gumboots, Hiking boots, and wool socks are a must to protect your tender feet from the freezing winter.

Analyze the winter demands of your trekking trail and be conscious of possessing the entire checklist while on this frozen trek.

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