Ultimate Essentials of a Himalayan Trek

Holidays can be best defined as excitement unless and until we reach the most haunting task ‘Packing’. The word packing itself seems to like to twist a boulder with the tongue when done at the neck of the moment. That too, if it is for trekking that demands more of concentration and effort It is something to be prepared beforehand. Trekking the Himalayas isn’t the same as trekking the cliff at your countryside backyard. It requires a lot to add in the checklist, without these essential gears trekking the mighty Himalayas would turn into a back-breaking job. Here we have compiled all the essential trekking gears to make your Himalayan trek a soothing and a memorable one

Choose the Right Backpack:

Playing your intelligence in choosing the right backpack is an advisable one. Especially if you are not hiring a porter and deciding to carry it yourself then be mindful of this task. A backpack with 50-60L is perfect for an ideal Himalayan trek. Make sure to carry a waterproof bag as the weather may not favor all the time.

Trekking Clothing:

Base layer:
No matter what the temperature is, due to the heavy course of physical activity you are definitely going to sweat. The base layer would absorb the sweat and thus retaining the body temperature and keeping you warm. So choose your base layer wisely. The one with the right fabric.

Insulation layer:
The fleece is the one that would top up the base layer. As the name states it serves its purpose of insulating the body by keeping it warm from the harsh outer weather. A lightweight or mid-weight fleece would be apt to opt for.

Rain Jacket:
Its neither a pleasing experience to get drenched in the rain during an adverse Himalayan trek nor, it is easy to dry your clothes overnight at a high altitude. So better carry a rain jacket that would withstand in unexpected heavy conditions.

Hiking Shirt:
On sunny days you may feel comfortable in trekking with your t-shirt. So, carry your hiking t-shirt based on analyzing the weather conditions that would prevail in the trek.

Down Jacket:
If you are trekking the winters then Down Jacket would be of maximum use. Else you may need it only in the evenings when it gets pretty cold. However, a Down Jacket surely holds a place in any trekking checklist.

Trekking pants:
A lightweight zip-off hiking pants are recommended. Along with this, you may opt for Hard Shell trousers or rain pants to prevent you from getting wet on rainy days.

If you are trekking on lower altitudes of the Himalaya lightweight gloves will best suit your need. But, if your trekking trails happen to be at high altitude or if you are trekking in the harsh winters then a ski glove is best recommended to keep you warm.

Hiking Socks:
Be free of blisters with a pair of quality hiking socks. Good qualities are most likely from Coolmax polyester or merino wool. It is advised to wear liner socks over the hiking socks if your boots are high.

Hiking Boots:
Choose your hiking boots wisely. The leader of the journey deserves the best – pamper your legs with the right boots.

Other Trekking Essentials:

  1. Sleeping bags
  2. Trekking poles
  3. Buff
  4. Sun hat
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Tent torch
  7. Hot water bags
  8. Thermos
  9. Hiking poles
  10. Personal medical kit
  11. Personal hygiene kit
  12. Gadgets

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