Why to Choose Chandrakhani Pass

It was about to be winter soon. Hence I was searching options for my winter trek.  Among many places I came across the Chandrakhani Pass winter trek and I freeze on this location.

Why I chose this location?

This trek is a perfect trek for someone who is looking for something relatively easy yet enjoy the splendors of Himalayan trekking in true wilderness surrounded by the magnificent snow clad peaks.

Chandrakhani Pass

The trail head start from Naggar which lies only 20 kms from a popular tourist destination called Manali.  You can take overnight bus from Chandigarh or Delhi and get down at Naggar instead of Manali.  Since the trek starts from Naggar, you can also choose to stay in Naggar hotel instead of Manali. There are plenty of lodging options available in Naggar, usually cheaper than Manali and this will also save you time the next morning when you start your trek.

Chandrakhani pass offers incredible views of snow covered mountains and wide valleys on both sides of the ridge. From top of the pass you can see Bara Banghal range to the west, Pir Panjal to the north and Parvati valley to the east. The trail pass through the pass gently for some time and then begins the steep 4 Km continuous descent to reach Malana Village. The descent is through shrubs and thick conifer forest.

The trail of the trek:

The journey starts from Naggar. From Naggar go to Dhan Kuladi / Naya . Then from there go to Dhan Kuladi / Naya Tapru to Chakelini. From Chakelini reach Malana (via Chandrakhani Pass) .

The entire trek length is 22 km with moderate climbs and can be completed in 3  days.

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