Longing to Beat the Stress? Hit the Sar Pass Trek

Declutter your stressful minds, take a break from the haunting deadlines, glassy skyscrapers, polished floors, dazzling lights, and false smiles. Plan for a holiday that would rage the storm of your inner life. Hug the woods, talk to the wild, get drenched in the snow for once, breathe in the smell of the earth and shroud your soul with the real. Take a trek to the Sar pass. Sar pass is located in the Parvati valley of the Kullu district. Sar in the local dialect means a lake, trekkers have to cross a small frozen lake while trekking and hence the name was coined. Sar pass is at an elevation of 19,000 ft and is graded as moderate in terms of difficulty level.

The Sar Pass Trek is a great start for all those who are attempting for a high altitude trek. The rich and fertile valley is truly a winter’s wonderland with dense rhododendron forest, beckoning jungle trails, painted skies, cascading waterfalls, tranquil streams, steeping snow slides and snow-peaked mountains all around. The base camp of Sar pass trek is at Kasol. Which happens to be the base for most of the treks that are carried out in the Parvati valley. Kasol simply unleashes the best beauty of nature to the fullest. The sunrise and sunset from this point are sure to give you goosebumps that would last forever. Kasol is also called as the little Israel of India as it extravagantly treats the taste buds of every visitor with its mouth-watering Israeli cuisine and numerous continental dishes. Kasol is located near Manikaran. This holy pilgrimage center is well known for its famous hot water springs. The trekkers feel fortunate to have Kasol as the base camp as it provides loads of sightseeing.

Take a drive from Kasol to Grahan village, from where the trekking trail exactly starts. The Grahan village holds a century’s heritage. The rich culture, worn outhouses, and the tender locals are sure to capture your memories. A destined destination for all nature lovers. From Grahan, you then take a trek from about 6 to 7 hrs covering approximately 8 km and reach the Min Thach, the trail that houses exotic flora and fauna. The grasslands here generously feed livestock habitating around. The trail then shifts its scenery from the icy snow-capped canopy to blossom blanketed valley to the mighty mountain range walling the entire territory. Stargazing at night while camping in the Min Thach is an out of the blue experience.

Then, on the next day, you trek to the Nagur and experience the most steep trails of the entire trek. The altitude increases and there are chances to experience AMS. At this condition, it is advised to keep the body hydrated and open to acclimatize better. Camp in the coldest campsite of the entire trek and rest as the gusting winds sing a soothing lullaby. It is then a long trek Bishkeri covering a distance of 13km in 9 hrs. You get to walk on the fluffy Snow witnessing tiny streams, beautiful pastures and herds everywhere. Taste the rich raw buttermilk served with love by the locals.  After hours of strenuous forest trek, you would cross the Parvati river and climb to Barshaini and then it’s just an hour drive to Manikaran. The Sar Pass trek is sure to feast, cleanse and conquer your body, mind, and soul with its wholesomeness. Join us and feel an out of the word experience while trekking the Sar Pass with us.

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