Staff of Himalaya Destination


You should expect and rely on Himalaya Destination staff to behave with the highest degree of professionalism and care found in the mountaineering industry. Our instructors and guides, more by the than any other factor, influence the overall quality of the Adventure experience. Himalaya’s wilderness is unique and a mountain guide must graduate to a new level in order to meet the demands: 20 mile glaciers, year-round avalanche hazard, winter camping in summer, remote rock and ice climbing, glissading, glacier fed river crossings, and Animals. Every skill area requires a thorough knowledge of the discipline in order to effectively lead and teach others. Our staff must go through a certification process that has a lengthy progression and takes years to build. Himalaya Destinations guides are gifted climbers and teachers with a wealth of backcountry experience to draw upon.


Manu Mahajan: A mountaineer by profession and also a mountaineer by heart. At a very young age, Manu is a veteran in the field of mountaineering. He has lot of experience in the field of trekking, climbing and expeditions.

  • Competent & result oriented professional with excellence in providing training on Mountaineering and Rock Climbing activities at the mass level over year.
  •  Expertise in providing proper safety measures and techniques of climbing with all areas  required professionals to lead and teach groups.
  •  Possess personal treks and Mountain expedition experiences.
  •  Efficiently led and manage the all aspects of the expedition while creating a collaborative and inclusive environment that fosters youth asset development and learning.

Highly effective communicator with an extensive knowledge base and exceptional talent for problem solving through analytical thought processes, as well as the ability to build and lead effective teams.

Responsibility for the climbing group and take great care to ensure the group understands the safety issues involved as well as how to climb safely. Experience in taking groups out on tours, potentially dangerous. Responsible for managing risk and safety, adherence to policy and procedures, and quality delivery of the curriculum. Make decisions affecting all aspects of their expedition including: itinerary and/or route changes, behavior management, and youth development practices.

Mikita Shah (Founder & Marketing Director): Mountaineer by nature.Passionately focuses in building an organization that adds value to both-its customers and employees.Certified Google AdWords and Google Analytics Certified. Digital Marketing Strategist with strong knowledge and hands on experience with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC/CPC/CPA. Some of the skills which i know are Graphics, Web Design & Development, Conversion Optimization, Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Social Media Optimization, and other Digital Marketing Channels.



Somal Anjarlekar (Administrator): Somal Anjarlekar is based in Mumbai. One of the finest Mountaineer who has keen knowledge about Adventures. He has completed his studies in Engineering & is very passionate about Adventures. Since 10 yrs he has been in this field & guides the company in right direction. His administrative skills plays vital role for the company.