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Manali Leh Cycling Expedition - Tour
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • 10 Nights 11 Days

Manali Leh Cycling Expedition

₹ 25,999

Region: Manali / Lahul Valley/Ladakh   ​ Total Duration – 10 Nights / 11 Days  Style Of Trip – Cycling  Maximum Altitude – 17582 feet.  Grade – Difficult.  Best Season – June  to September.  Accommodation – Hotel/Guesthouse; Organized Campsite  Food – On trek – All meals included  Distance – 470Km   Cycling is an anchor of my life. The motion of the pedals soothes me. The weight of the helmet on my head makes me feel secure. High speeds and the winds in the face give me a sense of freedom; and the absolute control hunching over the front wheel and the brakes give me a sense of power. My cycle makes me feel one with myself and the Universe. It makes me feel complete. I was looking for a new challenge in cycling and came across the Manali-Leh route. If you are looking for an adventure filled cycling trip in picturesque settings, there cannot be a better route than this one. After checking out many tour operators online, I decided to go with Himalaya Destination as it seemed the most reliable. Cycling 500 km over high altitude mountains, crossing some of the highest roads in the world, is no mean challenge, especially because the roads are non-existent at some places. One has to be prepared physically and mentally to complete this journey. I cycled 45-50 km every day on the plateau where I live to prepare for the mountainous terrain of the Himalayas. And so, with physical fitness, mental resolve and a truckload of excitement, I started my journey. The overnight bus journey from Delhi to Manali is comfortable, safe and takes 14 hours to reach the destination. I disembarked at Patli Kuhl from where I was whisked away to the camp at Larankelo, about 25 km from Manali. At the camp I met the rest of the group, consisting of nine people of varying ages (including a couple who had a daughter my age!) from Mysore and two college boys from Akola, and the organisers. All the inhibitions I might have had about having come alone vanished. They were all very warm and friendly. Moreover, the times that we were to face together invariably brings out the best in people.  What I experienced during those ten days goes beyond anything words can explain. If there were the daunting challenges of continuous up slopes, biting cold winds, and uncertain weather, there were also the joys of riding miles of down slopes, getting the first glimpse of the destination and the spellbinding beauty of the mountains. Every morning I woke up wondering what challenges the day would bring and every night I went to sleep with the satisfaction of having lived up to another challenge. I wouldn’t say that the days flew by, because they didn’t. It would be more appropriate to say that each day ambled away as we pedalled through it and yet in no time we found ourselves in Leh.

Manali to Chandratal Cycling Expedition - Tour
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • 6 Nights 7 Days

Manali to Chandratal Cycling Expedition

₹ 14,000

Region:- Manali & Spiti    Total Duration – 6 Nights / 7 Days  Style Of Trip – Cycling  Maximum Altitude – 3700 mtr.  Grade – Moderate to strenuous  Best Season – June  to November  Accommodation – Hotel/Guesthouse; Organized Campsite  Food – On ride – All meals included  Distance – 250 Km   A cycling expedition from Manali to Chandratal is great experience through lush green valleys to the arid Spiti valley. The beautiful Chandratal lake is the destination for this ultimate route. The chandertal is named after two words chandra, meaning Moon and the tal is the lake. So it is called moon lake as its crescent shape. The lake is about 4km. long in distance and half a km. wide, creating a mesmerizing landscape located below the bald brown mountains at the height of 4,300m.The blue water of chandratal lake will take your breath away and reaching here on bycycles gives you another level of feel. It is one of india's best cycling route in terms of natural beauty. So one must do cycling trip on this route, anyone who is not into cycling. The route starts from manali. As on the first day we cycle about 40 km. on the manali leh highway. The route passes by the wild forests of oak, coniferous, birch trees till gulaba. The incline on this days trip is gradual but with numerous curves on the way. One has to cycle his side because turns are blind at some point and have to be alert as vehicles arrive. The forest range is left behind as we reach near to the first camp at Marhi. Marhi (3.300m.) is located few km. below the Rohtang pass. On can see the  road and the pass clearly from marhi. Next day we will ride about 45 km., pass the Rohtang top (13000ft.) and further downhill till Gramphoo. After Gramphoo the trail is moderate but unmetalled road along the river Chandra. Our destination is Chhatru (3,200m.), a desolate stop yet beautiful as its broad valley location. Chhatru is popular camping site among trekkers coming from Hampta pass or going forward to the lake or to Spiti valley. . It is a colder spot as the chilling winds come by the river. The place has both sides the mountains with the scree. There are some shops who prepare local food and rent shelters to the travelers passing by. As the sun rises next morning and the light on the bald mountains on one side and the other with darker shade creates a spectacular contrast. The route from chhatru to chandertal is moderate to steep at some points about 45km.  After hours of riding we reach at the road end, from where we walk a little to the lake and the blue lake starts to emerge in front of us. The surroundings of the lake offers a great landscape that is unforgettable. If the weather is sunny one can see the reflections of the blue sky, mountains which is picturesque. Spending some time and exploration we ride back to chhatru. Following day we wind up the camp and leave by the taxi to Manali.    

Winter Mountain Biking Expedition - Tour
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • 3 Nights 4 Days

Winter Mountain Biking Expedition

₹ 5,500

Region: Kullu    ​Total Duration – 3 Nights / 4 Days  Style of Trip - Cycling  Maximum Altitude – 6000 Feet.  Grade Moderate.  Best Season December to November.  Accommodation Organized Campsite  Food On ride– All meals included  Distance : 75 KM. DETAILS Mountain biking in the winter season is a great activity for the adventure loving people. In winter heavy snow falls and the whole region is packed with white blanket. Sometimes roads are blocked also. But the roads are often cleared by the local authorities like PWD. So the bycycling can be done easily in the lower parts of the valley. In the winter there is not much hustle and bustle on the roads. So one can bike around and explore on his bike with ease. For that one has to approach to the snow camp in seobagh, which is near to the snow range and is also connected to the main highway. From the base camp one can take the bycycle and go to the recommended tracks with proper gear and information. It is good to trek on bycycle because you can see the surrounding more perfectly than travelling by a vehicle. Cycling in the snow covered mountain routes is absolutly a lifetime experience. Cycling in the winter gives you warmth from cold and filters your lungs without any sweat or hard work. Mountain biking is good sport which makes your health better with the fun of riding bike in the Himalayas. During the mountain biking expedetion the camp will be held near snow line or in between the snow. So one can enjoy snow even in the base camp. To enjoy precisely the person should have proper winter gear (warm jackets,lowers, glubs etc.) as well as the mountain biking gear. The gear should be properly brought because of the safety of the person. All and all one should come and enjoy the winter in the lap of Himalaya.  

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