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Zipline Tour - Tour
  • 1 Hour

Zipline Tour

₹ 1,600

WOLC India's Highest Zipline Tour in Naggar, Manali. Finding an escapade!!! Here is the India's highest Zipline setteled in prominent village of Naggar in Manali. It is just a kilometer far from the Naggar bus stand towards The Naggar Castle and Roerich Art Gallery road. The Zipline ride is done under certified experts with precise demonstration of postures, which makes it easy even for the neophytes to take this amazing ride in the air without any doubt.  Himalaya Destination is associate partner with WOLC Zipline tour sited at Naggar, currently India's Highest and one of the longest Zipline at an altitude of 6000ft, heightening about 984ft from surface and half a km(525m) long.The Zipline is built over a valley. with a serene stream flowing below. There are two high strength cables bearing upto 10000 kg's of force  adjoining the valley to and fro with ease yet an astounding ride. Enjoy the view of Snow Clad peaks of Dhauladhar Range and stunning landscape of Naggar while rolling on the Zipline. The activity can take from 45 min to 1 hour where as the Zipline time is somewhere between 40 secs to 80 secs depending upon various conditions like weight, height, wind speed and direction.   Overview Length of 525 meters 984 feet above the valley ground Altitude of 4900 feet Expert and experienced instructors  International standard equipment One Way and Two Way Zipline Available.   WOLC Medical and Safety Information We welcome you to WOLC Zipline Tour and care about your Safety, Comfort and Health.To ensure it we request you to please go through the following information. It will also help you to access your eligibility for the adventure. People with below mentioned problems are not advised to participate in this activity.  Pregnancy Epilepsy Neurological Disorders Osteoporosis Heart Patient Respiratory Conditions Back Limb or Joint Injuries Missing Limbs, including Prosthetics Vertigo and Dizziness Hearing or Visual Impairment People with special medical conditions or heart and breathing problems should not attempt this activity.   NOTE During your Zipline Tour your instructor will give you full safety instructions If any member of your group does not speak English or Hindi please inform the us before commenting your tour You will be fitted with a safety harness, safety straps and gloves by an Instructor During your safety brief your Instructor will explain and demonstrate the safe use of all the equipment and you will have an opportunity to use to practice area After the practice session, please do not adjust your harness , instead ask your Instructor if needed Please wash your hands if a Sun Screen , Insect Repellant or any lotion is applied before the tour.   What to Wear 1. Preferred trekking suite or Sportswear, Sports/Hiking Shoes. 2. Avoid Sarees, Slippers Etc.

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