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Chadar Frozen River Trek - Tour
  • Jammu and Kashmir
  • 8 Nights 9 Days

Chadar Frozen River Trek

₹ 22,500

Region - Leh-Ladakh    Total Duration – 8 Nights / 9 Days (Ex Leh)  Maximum Altitude – 3500 m./ 11,400 ft. ​  Grade –  Moderate to Challenging   Best Season – January to February   Accommodation – Hotel/Guesthouse in Leh; Organized Campsite   Food – On trek – All meals included   Distance – 55 Km. Things to Pack: Rucksack 60 ltr, cotton clothes, good trekking shoes and Gum Boot, a warm jacket, warmer, woolen or monkey cap covering head and ears, UV rays protected sunglasses, extra socks (2 pair, cotton or 2 pair, woolen), water bottle(Thermal Flask), torch(with extra batteries), cold cream, sunscreen, toilet soap, towel, walking Stick medicines that you usually use. Rates are excluding GST of 5% Note that the cost would vary for customized group according to their requirements.   The Chadar Frozen River Trek The Chadar is a winter trail trek, in Zanskar region of Ladakh, in Jammu and Kashmir. In the local language Chadar means blanket, an ice sheet wrapping the River into solid. Temperature decrease creates a solidifying passage on the icy Zanskar river. The Chadar Trek is done on the Frozen Zanskar River which provides an access trail to the Zanskar Valley and is used by locals and tourists during the winter seasons an ideal route of transportation. The walls both side of the riversides rise vertical cliffs up to 600m. high and at some places the Zanskar river is only 5m wide. During the summer this river becomes a perfect location for river rafting expedition and during the winters it transforms into an ice sheet where the Chadar trek is performed. For many years Chadar trek attracts tourist from all over the world and it is one of the most exciting and challenging trek. The trek is approximately 105 km. on feet, an average trekker completes a distance of 15-17 km everyday. At first one have to reach Leh, then Leh to Chilling 3-4 hours drive. Chilling is the last motor able place. From Chilling to Tilat Do is an hour trek. Following day Tilat do to Gyalpo is about 9-10km. and takes 4-5 hours to reach Gyalpo. The other day group has to walk for 5-6 hours from Gyalpo to Tibb Cave. Tibb cave to Nyerek is 9 hours walk. The trek is performed on ice sheet all the way and gives most exciting feel to someone who does the chadar trek. From nyerek we go back to tibb cave and then to Gyalpo, to Tilat do. Tilat do to chilling and take vehicle to reach leh. So one can try to do the chadar trek but have to wait till winter has come and river frozen's . The best time to do the Chadar trek is January to February, when the temperature drops down to -30 to -35 degrees which makes the Zanskar Lake look like a mesmerizing crystal lake. The zanskar locals used the frozen river as for transportation of food material and to reach the nearest town or to their villages. But later this route become an adventurous trek route to those who like to push their limits. Every year many of the people come and experience the toughest and the most adventurous Chadar trek. CHADDAR OVER THE TURQUOISE ZANSKAR IS A FABLED DREAM – Hear Chadar trek story from one our participant. How to Reach LEH Flight is easiest mode of transport. Delhi is center destination. From Delhi there are flights till Leh which fly once daily. Jet Airways, Air India & Go Air offers flight services between New Delhi & Leh. It is very much preferred to make your bookings well in advance as there are surge in pricing after a period of time. Due to snow-capped mountains it’s highly impossible to take road transport. So much preferred is flight. Trek Preparation Chadar Trek is one of the most thrilling & glamorous trek in the world. This trek is done in -15°C and -30°C, which is one of the most challenging aspects of the trek. You need to be prepared mentally as well as physically to survive in an adverse atmosphere. Your fitness is important although trek is not that arduous. You need to cope up the situations, so be strong to handle such extreme weather conditions at this high altitude trek. 3-4 kms of jogging or equivalent workout to this is required. Increase your stamina by doing it every day for 1-2 months. You have to increase your daily walk distance to make sure you do not strain yourself during trek. Additionally you can train yourself by avoiding hot water, warm clothes & blankets in your own city for couple of months before the trek. Plan the trek well in advance and start building your stamina, strength and lung capacity. Acclimatization is important for every Himalayan Trek, though you will get a day for it and the process will go on during the initial days of trek. Try and get acquainted with nature as much as you can. Avoid using heaters while halting in Leh. Drink lot of Liquids (warm water, soup, tea) during trekking days. Embrace the climate & don’t just jump inside blankets. Soon the climate will become bearable & it would be fun.

Manali Leh Cycling Expedition - Tour
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • 10 Nights 11 Days

Manali Leh Cycling Expedition

₹ 31,999

Region: Manali / Lahaul Valley/Ladakh   ​ Total Duration – 10 Nights / 11 Days  Style Of Trip – Cycling  Maximum Altitude –  5350m /17582 feet.  Grade – Difficult.  Best Season – June  to September.  Accommodation – Hotel/Guesthouse; Organized Campsite  Food – On trek – All meals included  Distance – 470Km   Cycling is widely regarded as the mean of being fit. It is so joyful to ride the bike long distances, instead of driving by a vehicle. If you are a cycling enthusiast and are looking for a new challenge in cycling, come across to the Manali-Leh route, the highest motorable road in the world. It is an adventure filled cycling trip in picturesque settings, where there cannot be a better route than this one. Cycling 500 km over high altitude mountains, crossing some of the highest passes in the world, is no mean challenge, especially because the roads are reasonable and are non-existent at some places. One has to be prepared physically and mentally to complete this journey. And so, with physical fitness, mental resolve and a truckload of excitement start your journey from Manali. The overnight bus journey from Delhi to Manali is comfortable, safe and takes 14 hours to reach the destination.  One has to get off at Patlikuhl a few km. further from Kullu and take taxi or bus to the camp at Larankelo, about 8 km. from Patlikuhal. At the camp you will meet the rest of the group, consisting people of varying ages and the organizers. Moreover, the times that we were to face together invariably brings out the best in people. The experience you will get during these ten days goes beyond anything words can explain. If there are the daunting challenges of continuous up slopes, biting cold winds, and uncertain weather, there are also the joys of riding miles of down slopes, getting the first glimpse of the destination and the spell bounding beauty of the mountains.  The route takes you through vast grounds of Sarchu and the plateaus of the endless More plains to nomads villages on the way. You might get a chance to see wild animals like Blue sheep, Ibex, Yaks, Marmots, wild horses etc. As we reach Rumtse the landscape turns to a bit greenish side which feels like awesome after days of seeing arid nature. Every morning you will wake up wondering what challenges the day would bring and every night you will go to sleep with the satisfaction of having lived up to another challenge. It would be more appropriate to say that each day will amble away as we pedal through it and yet in no time we find ourselves in Leh. Then to the highest motor able pass at Khardung-la at the height of 5600m. by cycle, demands a great stamina to excel at the top and less oxygen makes it more difficult to ride. But at the end once you reach the pass all the fatigue vanishes by conquering it. The feeling throughout the expedition is outstanding and one should do it once in a life for sure. The expedition ends at Leh, here on one can leave to their preferred destinations. 

Mt. Deo Tibba Climbing Expedition - Tour
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • 12 Nights 13 Days

Mt. Deo Tibba Climbing Expedition

₹ 74,999

Region- Manali Total Duration - 12 Nights / 13 Days  Grade - Moderate  ​Maximum Altitude – 6001 m./ 19680 ft.  Style of trip - Climbing  Best Season – Mid June to October  Accommodation – Hotel/Guesthouse; Organized Campsite  Food – On trek – All meals included. Mt. Deo Tibba Expedition Mt. Deo Tibba is a beautiful 6001m. High peak situated in the Pir Panjal range of mountains in the Manali region of Himachal Pradesh. It is located at Duhangan Nallah and Malana glacier. Deo Tibba consists of an extensive ice cap, the actual climb being a snow hump accessible on the edge of the ice plateau is reached. It also has the beauty of being just over the 6000 m. high mark which is a great achievement for any climber. According to the Hindu religion Deo Tibba is the assembly site of the Gods, where Indra the lord of all Gods and also the God of war and weather carries out a meeting from his throne. As to the mythology the Gods sit on top of the dome shaped peak. Mt. Deo Tibba expedition is suitable for professional trekkers and climbers who have ample knowledge of snow, ice and mountaineering  techniques. The road head for the trek to base is Jagatsukh village just 6 kms far from Manali. From  jagatsukh to khanol by taxi and then trek starts stopping at chhika in an hour. After chhika we hike up leaving tree line behind till Pandu ropa. After Pandu ropa we reach seri in 4-5 hours. Seri is a huge pasture ground surrounded by the peaks. Seri to tenta is about 3-4 hours. It is a 3 or 4 day approach walk to base camp depending on where base camp is established. One possibility for base camp is located near a glacier lake called "Chandra Tal" close to the main glacier that falls off the south-east face of Deo Tibba. This is at an altitude of 4500m/14850ft. It is quite a high base camp and depending on the rate of acclimatization, the base camp may be set lower at around 4070m/13430ft. This will mean the camp at the Col that is spoken about below becomes Camp II with Camp I at 4500m/14850ft. Moving on to Camp One at Duangan Col (Duangan Pass) the route crosses the Deo Tibba Glacier takes a steep slope of between 45 and 55 degrees for around 300 m. The climbing is mixed on snow, rock and ice to cover this portion of the climb to the Col (pass). For safe travel ropes will need to be fixed for most of this section. After reaching Duhangan Col. Camp One can be set at the Col, or a little further on at the base of some more technical ground known as the Pitton Ridge. The Col is generally preferred but also depends on the general conditions at the time. Many climbers make a direct ascent from this high camp to the summit via the Pitton Ridge which faces east. The ridge is quite steep and again requires fixed rope for safe travel for around 150 m. Soon after climbing the rock of the Pitton Ridge you move onto the snow field. From this point on, Deo Tibba and its neighbour Indrasan are visible. For climbers moving at a good pace it is only an additional 2 hours from this point onwards following the left side of the upper glacier. Because of Deo Tibba's giant snow dome covering it, is a relatively easy final ascent with few crevasses to negotiate. The slope steepens to around 50 degrees just below the summit for about 50 m. The summit itself is quite a wide expanse able to accommodate all climbers. After summit get back to the camp II, camp I and to base camp. Next day descend back to Chhika. Camp for a night. Reach Khanool in an hour, drive to Jagatsukh or to Manali by taxi.    Things to Pack: Rucksack 60 ltr, cotton clothes, good trekking shoes and Gum Boot, a warm jacket, warmer, woolen or monkey cap covering head and ears, UV rays protected sunglasses, raincoat, extra socks (cotton or woolen), water bottle, torch, cold cream, sunscreen, toilet soap, sanitizer, towel, walking Stick and medicines that you usually use. How To Reach Distance by road:- Manali is well connected to Delhi. Take an overnight bus from Delhi and you will reach Manali in 12 ‐ 14 hours(approx 540 km's). Tickets can be booked online at or Tip : Since Delhi Manali is a long journey most Volvo private buses leave Delhi between 5 pm and 6 pm. The last govt bus leaves at 8.30 pm from ISBT Kashmere Gate. Volvo buses charges between Rs.1,000 to 1,400 per sector from Delhi to Manali and vice versa. Manali to Delhi: Like the onward journey, buses leave from Manali to Delhi between 4 and 5 p.m. Your tentative arrival at Delhi may be anywhere between 6 a.m and 10 a.m. Plan your onward journeys only post noon giving enough buffer for bus delay Nearest Railway Station:- Nearest Railway station is Ambala (350 kms) and Chandigarh (310 kms). Tip: Regular Volvo and Buses are available from Chandigarh to Manali in the evening. Volvo buses charges between Rs.700 to Rs.1,000 per sector from Chandigarh to Manali and vice versa. Nearest Airport :- Nearest Airport is Bhuntar is 60 Kms. ​Bhuntar, which is 52 km away from Manali, is the nearest airport. Taxi services are available from Bhuntar to Manali, which costs about Rs.700‐ Rs.1,000. Bhuntar is well connected to Delhi by air. The airliners that take you to this Airport are Indian Airlines, Kingfisher airlines, MDLR Airlines and Jagson Airlines, operating flights from Delhi and Chandigarh to Kullu.

Winter Camping and Hiking - Tour
  • 3 Nights 4 Days

Winter Camping and Hiking

₹ 4,800

Region - Manali  Total Duration – 3 Nights / 4 Days  Maximum Altitude – 2400m/7874ft  Grade – Easy  Best Season – December  to April  Accommodation – Organized Campsite/Rooms  Food – On trek – All meals included  Distance – 13 km. Winter Camping and Hiking  Camping in the snow! Sounds like beauty and peacefulness of a pristine winter wonderland. Winters have a profound attraction of extreme cold, snowfall, Icicles and so on the experiences, it is the most adventurous season where one doesn’t have to attain the top to just touch the snow but travel by car or hike for half an hour and he is there, on the snow. The point of trekking or camping in winter is the reach of snowy landscape by just tiny effort. There are no bugs or crowds but only the peacefulness, and in such a lucid atmosphere who doesn’t want to play in the snow? With a little preparation, you will be surprised at how comfortable things can be. Because winter outings offer different challenges than summer camping. You should be prepared for more severe weather and shorter daylight hours by having extra gear and additional skills. So before you leave home, have a plan to splurge into the delightful weekend. Hiking and camping in winter season is a different experience with the mind blowing scenery of the Nature. Winter in Kullu valley is totally different as compare to the summer. Winter in Kullu Manali is very cold and harsh. Winter in Kullu starts with the month of November and ends in February. Winter is difficult but relaxing. The mountains and the peaks are covered with heavy snow. The scenic view of the valley is so great that one can’t go without experiencing it. The landscape is covered with white blanket of snow and the greenery is less. In winter the roads are almost open but if heavy snow falls routes can be closed for some days. After all one can explore walking around in between the snow. Camping is also done in the winter season but with the proper preparation. Camping in the snow appeals to anyone who enjoys the beauty and peacefulness of a pristine winter wonderland. In the winter there is not much crowd and no more bugs. Winter season is so cool that one can’t resist himself playing in the snow. But it needs a little preparation for the winter, though you might be surprised how comfortable it can be spending some time in the snow covered landscape. Winter outings offer different challenges than in the summer camping. You must be prepared for severe weather and shorter daylight hours by having extra gear and additional skills. One can go from the campsite for the day hike to the Bijli Mahadev temple or elsewhere in the valley with brief knowledge of hike in the snow. One should have proper gear to avoid cold. The Bijli Mahadev is 25 km away from Kullu and one can visit the place in a day. Walking on the road alongside of snow covered meadows makes it a pleasant feeling to someone who had never seen snow. After going through beautiful landscape one would be surprised reaching at the top of Bijli Mahadev by seeing the spectacular views of the peaks around. But in the winter one don’t have to climb so high because snow reaches down to the lower places of the valley. So it is worth to come and visit Kullu Manali in the winter season with the unforgettable memories.   Things to Pack: Day pack, cotton clothes, trekking shoes, a warm jacket, Feather Jacket, fleece jacket,warmer, woolen or monkey cap covering head and ears, UV rays protected sunglasses, rain jacket, extra cotton socks, water bottle, torch, cold cream, sunscreen, toilet soap, towel and medicines that you usually use.

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